BMG Mountain Medicine Course...

Either side of the BMG's recent Annual General Meeting, there have been a number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses delivered for the associations members. One of these was a new addition - 'Mountain Medicine'.


Free Avalanche Instruction from Facewest and Arc'teryx

We are pleased to announce that the British Mountain Guides (BMG) will be providing a free Avalanche Awareness day in cooperation with Facewest and Arc’teryx. Experienced British Mountain Guide, Graham McMahon, will provide transceiver training and instruction on avalanche safety.


Filming Inside a Guide’s Head

A British Mountain Guide features in a new short film from Arc’teryx on the subject of risk assessment and decision-making by mountain guides. Filmed in France and Canada in summer 2014, the challenge for the team was to get inside a guide’s head (sometimes quite a scary place to be!) and show some aspects of the profession that are often hidden from view.


British Mountain Guides

Welcome to the website of British Mountain Guides (BMG), which is the national association that:

  • Trains and assesses mountain guides in all forms of climbing, mountaineering and ski mountaineering.
  • Sets professional standards for services offered by BMG members.
  • Promotes safety, enjoyment, and good practice in climbing and mountaineering.

BMG is a member of the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA), which is the body that coordinates the standards and mutual recognition of the twenty-six national mountain guide associations. A British Mountain Guide is an IFMGA Guide, which put simply, means an internationally qualified guide with the knowledge and skills to lead parties in the world’s most challenging mountain environments.

IFMGA Mountain Guides are the most qualified and experienced professionals to lead people in the mountains with a training and assessment that takes many years and exceptional skills to achieve.

On this website you will find information on:

From first steps to the biggest objectives, a British Mountain Guide is an expert in techniques and safety, and a reliable companion for your adventures.

How do I become a Mountain Guide?

Qualifying as a Mountain Guide is a demanding and rewarding process. It is a tough route, but worth it because it is, quite simply, the best job in the world!



About the BMG

What is a Mountain Guide?

A Mountain Guide is someone with the IFMGA carnet, the highest qualification in the world for leading people in the mountains, whether skiing, climbing or mountaineering. A BMG Guide holds the IFMGA carnet, which is the only UK qualification valid abroad for climbing and skiing off-piste on glacial terrain.


Why Hire a Mountain Guide?

Climbing or skiing with a Mountain Guide gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have chosen the best. The best person for you today, and who can go wherever your ambitions take you in the future.