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Practising Abroad

Practising Abroad

This section of the website includes information for BMG Members on practising their profession outside the United Kingdom (UK).


European Professional Card


The British Mountain Guides recommend that members wishing to practise their professional abroad apply for a European Professional Card (EPC). The EPC application guide document has been updated to include more details for those registering in France as their Home Country, and this document is available in the ‘Members Area’ of the BMG Website.

For your EPC application the BMG office is able to provide, on request, the following documents that should contribute to your application:

Attestation of Professional Establishment  

A reference from the BMG office 

Another useful link explaining the EPC process can be found here at: https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/work/professional-qualifications/european-professional-card/index_en.htm


For the time being, the United Kingdom remains a full member of the EU and rights and obligations continue to fully apply in and to the UK with regard to EPC applications. Guides are encouraged to apply for an EPC prior to the UK’s departure from the EU.

For those guides applying for their EPC to work in France, who already have their Carte Professionnelle (CP) but who officially live in the UK, the French authorities have stated:

Until your Carte Professionnelle expires you are authorized to work with it in France in any legality. Once the Carte Professionnelle has expired you can request a EPC for work on a temporary basis if you live mainly in the United Kingdom.

If you live in France and have a Carte Professionnelle you therefore register through France as your Home Country for the EPC, and the EPC will then replace the Carte Pro.


Working in Europe document


A comprehensive document has been constructed by Mac Mackay that describes the working arrangements that each European country presents to BMG members, and this can be found in the ‘Members Area’ of the BMG Website.


Registration for working in Switzerland


According to the Swiss authorities, all EU citizens wishing to carry out a regulated professional activity in Switzerland for a maximum of 90 working days per calendar year, must submit a declaration form via SBFI’s online platform.

The specific details required by the Swiss authorities that are relevant to us can be found at the following web address: SBFI website

Following declaration of your intention to practise your profession in Switzerland you will subsequently required to notify your intended work dates via the website portal https://meweb.admin.ch/meldeverfahren (Note registration is required).

There is also User’s handbook to help with the notification procedure which can be found at https://www.sem.admin.ch/dam/data/sem/eu/fza/meldeverfahren/mv-benuhb-e.pdf

In addition to the application form, the required documents (described on the SBFI website) are as follows:

Attestation of professional activity – this is the same as for the EPC and is available on request from the BMG office. It is sent and accepted as an emailed copy (rather than a paper copy to arrive in the post).

Certified copy of your qualification 

Proof of professional liability insurance

Proof of payment of the processing fee

Proof of identity – passport photocopy

Note: As part of the initial declaration process, you choose to register through a particular canton in the first instance. It would appear that registering through the canton of Valais seems to work reasonably well.


Declaration renewal


The renewal of your declaration is also required. The duration of the initial declaration may vary depending on the Canton of your original application.

At present the process is as follows: You first log in to the following website : sypres.admin.ch

This part of the renewal is not shown in English, only in French, German or Italian. However all you are required to do is update any changes in your personal details or documentation. Once you have created a new declaration form, this can be printed and signed. Also print off a recent Attestation of Professional Establishment document, plus a copy of the email correspondence sent from the BMG office.  These documents can then be posted the SEFRI address given.

The BMG wishes to remind the membership that it is the individual guide’s professional responsibility to comply with the authorisation requirements presented by each country they work in. However, we will continue to look into providing the best available information of these processes. Further assistance can be sought from the BMG Secretary.


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