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Why Hire a Mountain Guide?

Why Hire a Mountain Guide?

Climbing or skiing with a Mountain Guide gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have chosen the best. The best person for you today, and who can go wherever your ambitions take you in the future.

The best climbers and mountaineers

The British Mountain Guides demand the highest entry standard of any UK qualification, and count many of the country’s finest among their membership.

The best skiers in all terrain

British Mountain Guides ski in all terrain, from the edge of the piste to the tops of the world’s highest mountains. A guide can also provide useful tips to help improve your technique in difficult off-piste snow conditions, and are the only UK qualified professionals who can provide you with with the essential skills for ski mountaineering.

The best instructors and coaches

A good athlete does not necessarily make a good coach. Britain’s National Mountain Centres, world class in the instructional and coaching fields are run and staffed by Mountain Guides.When you climb or ski with a Mountain Guide, you will be with someone who has a truly international perspective in the mountains. A Guide can help you to progress to wherever in the world you want your mountains to take you, and whatever the level you aspire. Need we say more?

And more…

Many guides extend their service to organise complete itineraries for their clients, arranging transport, huts and valley accommodation. So if you are a busy person, looking to maximise your free time on the mountains, then look no further than a British Mountain Guide to take all the organisation responsibility off your shoulders. They will find you the best conditions available – all you have to do is turn up!


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