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British Rock Climbing

Wherever you want to rock climb in the UK, there will be a British Mountain Guide based there.
The variety and quality of rock climbing in Britain is second to none. Packed within the shores of this tiny island, we have a vast array of rock types from gritstone bouldering through to long multi-pitch routes of the Scottish and Welsh mountains. There are the sea cliffs of Cornwall, Pembroke and North Wales, slate quarries in Wales and the Lake District… the list goes on and on. Britsh Mountain Guides are experts in Uk rock climbing.

The foundation of any British Mountain Guides’ experience is derived from our adventurous approach to rock climbing, for which British climbers are world renowned. Most British guides took their first steps towards becoming Guides through rock climbing, and the first of the series of stringent Guides’ tests takes place on British rock.

Skills, Coaching and Guiding

Most people are capable of climbing at a high grade by training on indoor walls, but a guide can help you to further develop your climbing to a higher standard still. A guide can help you apply the movement skills developed on an indoor wall to the outside environment, whether that’s on bolted sport climbs or adventure climbs protected by more traditional methods.

The quality of instruction provided by Guides is reflected by the fact that many of the instructors at both of the UK’s National Mountain Centres are British Mountain Guides.

Wherever you want to rock climb in the UK, there will be a British Mountain Guide based there. Consult the Search facility on this site for your next guided rock climb

What to expect

  • Learn in the UK from a holder of the World's highest climbing qualification.
  • Cruise the classics or push your grade.
  • Tie in with a British Mountain Guide.

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