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Qualifying as a Mountain Guide is a demanding but rewarding process. It is a tough route, but worth all the blood, sweat and tears because it is, quite simply, the best job in the world.

In a minimum of 3 years an already highly experienced mountaineer and skier will grow into an expert professional, capable of looking after people anywhere in the mountains.

The experience required even to start the training scheme needs both breadth and depth. An applicant must be able to show a high standard on rock, have experience of serious alpine grandes courses, demonstrate solid competence skiing any snow in a mountain environment and have developed the ability to look after themselves in the Scottish winter!

Once accepted on the scheme, a BMG Trainee Guide is supported through a series of rigorous training courses and tests in the disciplines of rock climbing, winter climbing, alpinism, off-piste ski-ing, ski-touring, avalanche safety, and coaching.

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“Mountain Guides lives are linked by a love and profession to the mountains, and their company will enhance the experience of all those who wish to approach the mountains and learn.”
Pete Boardman, 1st ascent Everest SW Face 1975, BMG President 1979

How to Apply

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    Check criteria

    In order to be considered for entry on the British Mountain Guides training scheme, you must meet the requirements.
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    Download forms

    Fill out the application form.
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    Submit application

    Finally, submit your completed application form to The BMG. We will be in touch shortly.

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