GORE-TEX® Balmhorn

Posted: 20.06.15 by admin

The GORE-TEX® Experience Tour was an opportunity for candidates from all across Europe to recreate the first ascent of the Balmhorn 3,698m in the company of GORE-TEX® athlete Edurne Pasaban.

Applications were opened at the end of 2014 and winners announced in February 2015.

On the 15 June the GET team assembled in Kandersteg. There were 28 people in total, comprising 19 competition winners, 2 representatives from Gore and Anorak PR, 2 journalists, 1 photographer, and 4 members of a film crew. The event kicked off with a welcome dinner and a presentation by Edurne Pasaban.

On the morning of 16 June the party was complimented by 10 British Mountain Guides, and the whole team made their way up to the Berghotel Schwarenbach 2060m. The weather on the 15th and 16th was poor with long periods of heavy rain, and the question in everyone’s mind was how would it be the next day for the summit attempt.

On the 17 June everyone was up for 3am breakfast and departed at 4am. It was still misty and damp, but by 8:30am everyone had ascended the steep slopes up to the Zackengrat pass at 3036m, and there we finally emerged into the sunshine. Conditions on the ridge were perfect, but at 2.5km long it was still another 2-3 hours to reach the top.

The end result was that everyone reached the fore summit at 3667m, and the film crew remained there to shoot another 22 of the team going to the main summit. Many of the participants had never worn crampons before, and the success of the event was a true testament to their commitment and enthusiasm.

This was a great opportunity for the BMG to support our partners Gore, and many thanks to the guides who took part




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