Peter Cliff becomes Honorary Member of IFMGA

Posted: 16.12.16 by James Thacker

British Mountain Guides member Peter Cliff, becomes Honorary Member of the International Federation of Mountain Guiding Associations (IFMGA).

On the 10th of December the IFMGA General Assembly was held in Chamonix as part of the International Mountain Guides Summit. Here, Peter Cliff was proposed and elected as an Honorary Member of the IFMGA. It was a complete surprise to Peter when this honour was announced, and he looked quietly stunned while Paul Moores talked of his achievements to the guides at the meeting.

He was presented with a golden IFMGA badge by IFMGA President Christian Trommsdorff, for his services to the federation, specifically with regard to input into the European Professionals Card (EPC). Peter has also been instrumental in redrafting the IFMGA Platform Document which sets baseline standards for all IFMGA countries guiding schemes.


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