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"Alpine Mountaineering" - by Bruce Goodlad

Alpine Mountaineering - Bruce Goodlad

British Mountain Guide, Bruce Goodlad, has written a comprehensive new manual for budding alpinists


This exciting new book does exactly what it says on the cover – it’s a practical manual, stuffed full of the essential knowledge required by budding alpinists, in order to kick start a lifetime of rewarding alpinism.

The author, Bruce Goodlad is a British Mountain Guide, who has graced the pages of Climber magazine for many years now – from gear reviews to the latest technical articles. Living in Chamonix, guiding full time, working on the training and assessment programme of future Guides, and reviewing the latest kit, ensures that Bruce is bang up to date with the latest thinking and current best practice – as well as the latest equipment. Combine this with the sharp layout and slick production we have come to expect from Franco and his team at Pesda Press, and the result is impressive.

The whole book is delivered in an ‘easy listening’ style, with good honest advice that rolls off the page as easily as it would roll off a Guide's tongue. The writing is comfortable and frank – without ever sounding patronising. The techniques are tried and tested, and Bruce has climbed the routes and delivered the advice on countless occasions.

From the very first page, the book takes you on a refreshingly logical journey through the complexity of alpinism. The introduction is so clear that by page 6 you know exactly what you are in for: You are introduced to the issues of the alpine environment, before getting embroiled in the techniques and equipment they require. Succinct technical nuggets, through clear text and illustrative photographs, provide everything you need to know – in a simple and easy to use formula!

More than just a technical reference, the book concludes with advice and inspiration in the form of a Guidebook to some of the best ‘early routes’ of an alpinist’s career. Cut your teeth on this selection, and you will have earned your ‘Alpine proficiency’ badge with pride and more than just a little pleasure along the way. The routes are carefully selected and succinctly portrayed, with all the info you need to get yourself there, and no reluctance to signpost you towards any extra info that may interest you.

More than just an introduction to the world of Alpinism, this new book draws a line in the sand as a record of professional alpinism in 2012. It is available from Pesda Press and all good outdoor shops - price £16.99.